You may be considering orthodontic treatment if you have crooked, crowded, misaligned teeth or have a gap between teeth. We’re pleased to offer ClearCorrect in Pacific Palisades, the clear aligners with numerous advantages over traditional braces, including shorter duration of treatment and the ability to make your orthodontic care unnoticeable to others. Instead of uncomfortable metal wires or broken brackets, you wear comfortable, removable, clear plastic trays to straighten your teeth — transforming your smile.

Creating a customized plan of for clear aligner treatment

After your initial consultation and oral exam, Dentistry by Design will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth to create a 3D image to aid in creating an individualized ClearCorrect treatment plan. Your dentist will determine an approximate timetable for you to wear the ClearCorrect trays based on the predicted movement of your teeth. Treatment time for adults can range from a few months to a few years depending on each person’s unique circumstances.

Wearing and changing your customized aligners

At the start of your treatment, you receive a set of clear plastic aligners that you change approximately every two weeks. Our laboratory creates these aligners based on your patient assessment and personal goals as well as the 3D images. As you wear the invisible braces, your teeth gradually begin to shift into the desired position. We tell our orthodontics patients to wear the clear plastic trays at all times, except when eating or brushing teeth.

Once you start wearing your aligners, you’ll need to visit us about once every six weeks for a progress check. Some patients also require retainers at night after wearing their last ClearCorrect tray to ensure their teeth remain in the new position.

Contact Dentistry by Design to learn more about the many benefits of straightening teeth with ClearCorrect. Imagine how confident you’ll feel when you have straighter teeth and a winning smile!


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