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Pacific Palisades
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 Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry 

Welcome to Dentistry by Design

We are conveniently located in the Palisades Village Center.


Dentistry by Design is a multidisciplinary practice. We offer essential dental services like teeth cleanings, annual check-ups, oral cancer screenings, and routine dental care. Our team of specialists are highly trained in complex treatments such as dental implants, full-mouth rehabilitation and esthetically demanding cases. 


We deliver honest, high-quality, and relationship-based dentistry. Our goal is to address the primary concerns of most dental patients: pain-free dentistry, high quality dental care, time-efficient appointments and predictable, long-lasting results.


Dental care can be stressful, trust us, we know! Our friendly, compassionate team ensures that patients feel relaxed during each office visit. Sedation dentistry is also available for patients with severe dental anxiety.


Our aim is to have our patients look at dentistry in a completely new light, with a caring and human touch. We want to be the next great chapter in your oral health experience.

Achieve the smile that you envision.

We believe that there is a story behind every smile. It can define and reflect a person, their successes, a turning point, or a new beginning. Our work marks a new chapter in that story, and our satisfaction comes from the relationships we build in the process and the smiles we get at the end of the day

We look forward to seeing you

We know, it sounds crazy. When you stop by for a visit, we’ll always treat you like family, doing everything possible to flip the dental experience through quality care and a human touch. We want you to look forward to visiting us as much as we look forward to seeing you

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Our Services


Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain Crowns


Dental Surgery


Complete/Partial Dentures


Invisalign Orthodontics


Dental Bridges


Bone and Gum Grafting


Sedation Dentistry


Extractions & Implants


All-on-X Implant


Platelet Rich Fibrin

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Your Smile, Our Masterpiece
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