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Adults rarely have naturally bright white teeth. Years of drinking coffee, tea and cola; smoking; eating dark-colored foods and even taking certain medications can all leave stains on your teeth. These actions, combined with everyday wear on the teeth, eventually leave a yellow film that is seemingly impossible to remove and makes the smile less attractive. If you struggle with discolored teeth even though you take excellent care of them, it’s time to ask us about KöR Teeth Whitening in Pacific Palisades. KöR gives you a brighter, whiter smile in just one simple outpatient procedure.

The simple KöR teeth whitening process

To begin the KöR teeth whitening process, an appliance is placed in your mouth that separates your lips and gums from the teeth to ensure that your teeth remain dry throughout the procedure. Next, your dentist places the whitening agent on your teeth and shines a laser beam on them to make the whitening process go as fast as possible. The process takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

Professional teeth whitening offers superior results

Over-the-counter remedies cannot match the results of professional teeth whiteners due to the ingredients contained in the solution. Hydrogen peroxide gel reaches the deepest layers of the tooth enamel to bring out their natural shine. It prompts a release of free radicals, which is necessary for the whitening process. Drugstore teeth whitening kits only clean the top layer of enamel, which makes the results short-lived and not as impressive as the deep bleaching you receive with KöR.

Schedule your KöR Teeth Whitening in Pacific Palisades today

Patients often don’t realize how much having discolored teeth holds them back socially and professionally. You don’t smile as much when you feel self-conscious of your teeth, which may cause others to form a wrong impression of you. But the fix is as close as Pacific Palisades! Contact Dentistry by Design to learn more about this simple cosmetic dentistry procedure or to schedule an appointment. Start enjoying a beautiful, bright smile and watch what happens!


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