A Message from Maria March 6, 2013

March is Women’s History Month and we would like to celebrate the birthday of Lucy Hobbs, the first female dentist. Hobbs was born March 14, 1833 and her accomplishments made it possible for all women to follow the dream of becoming a dentist. Like Hobbs, I chose this profession because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and offer the best dental care and services available. One way to achieve this is through listening to the needs and concerns of my patients.

There has been a lot of discussion about the possible negative effects of traditional dental x-rays. With this in mind, Palisades Dentistry Group have incorporated safer alternatives including digital x-rays and a handheld device called the NOMAD. It is the latest improvement to x-ray technology which greatly reduces radiation exposure over traditional dental x-rays. Currently, only 10% of dentists use the NOMAD and Palisades Dentistry Group is proud to offer this exciting technology to our patients.

From all of us at Palisades Dentistry Group, have a great March.

Dr. Maria Tapia, D.D.S.

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